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Release 3.1.12

Momo the Monster


New VRCGraphics features for Udon, new avatar performance metrics, and bug fixes. Now up-to-date with VRChat 2023.1.2p4.

New Features

  • Constraints are now counted in Avatar Stats. They do not currently affect your performance ranking.
  • Added support for "VelocityMagnitude" animator property for avatars.
  • Added "Snap To Hand" option for VRCPhysBone. When enabled, grabbing a bone will have it snap to the user's hand, otherwise the grab is offset so it won't initially move unless dragged around.
  • Added "Reset When Disabled" option for VRCPhysBones. When enabled, bones will reset to their rest position when the component becomes disabled.
  • Added Self/Other filtering to various permissions in VRCPhysBones.
    • Allow Collision
    • Allow Grabbing
    • Allow Posing
  • Texture VRAM usage now counts towards your avatar's overall performance rating.
  • Added ability to set avatar parameters to not sync, addressing Control the not sync parameters from Expressions Menu.
  • Udon now has access to temporary RenderTextures as well as constructors for RenderTexture, Texture2D, Texture3D, and Sprite via VRCGraphics.

Bug Fixes

  • GraphicsSettings are only saved to disk when changes are made, to prevent unnecessary cache busting.
  • Fixes issues that could cause jittering in PhysBones when isAnimated was enabled.
  • Reconnects to the Creator Companion when the connection is lost.
  • Ensures that the UdonEvent is called from the main thread. This avoids unexpected threading errors when the image download fails and the UdonBehaviour tries to use Unity API methods.

Other Changes

  • OnDeserializationResult parameter added to OnDeserialization() method of UdonBehaviours. This enables you to see the time at which this data was sent and received.