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Debugging Avatar Dynamics

As Avatar Dynamics is a complex system, it’s understandably easy to make a mistake while building your avatar. To help with both testing and debugging problems, we’ve provided users with a few tools to help make the process easier.

In Game Debugging

Using the Action Menu you can now use the Avatar Overlay option to show visual representations of both PhysBones and Contacts live in game. These are useful for seeing exactly what is happening, or if objects have been set up properly.

In-Editor Debugging

Both PhysBones and Contacts run in the editor as they would in the client. By entering Play mode you are able to simulate these systems and see how your avatar will react without needing to upload your avatar.

As long as an animation controller has been added to the Animator component of your avatar, parameters will be updated as they would be in game. Remember to add the animation controller before entering play mode!

Additionally, even if no animation controller is set up, you can still look at each component and see the values they would be giving for each parameter.