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Allowed Avatar Components

Here is a list of the components permitted on avatars. Any component not on this list will be removed at runtime, and may prevent upload.

Custom scripts/components are not permitted on avatars, and will be removed at upload and runtime.

Oculus Quest

The Quest version of VRChat has some exceptions to this list. Check here for more info.



Root Motion (FinalIK)

FinalIK Components Modified

VRChat has highly modified its implementation of FinalIK. As such, these components may not work as documented.

We do not directly support or test custom FinalIK implementations on avatars. However, they should work fine, and if we must intentionally break one or more of these, we will try our best to inform creators.

If you discover a bug, please let us know.

Using this script on a humanoid avatar will break it.


Dynamic Bone Deprecated

Support for Dynamic Bone is deprecated. You should use PhysBones instead.

  • DynamicBone
  • DynamicBoneCollider