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Momo the Monster


This release exposes additional TextMesh Pro components and other useful properties to Udon.

New features

  • Exposed three new TextMeshPro components to Udon.
  • Added two properties to BaseVRCVideoPlayer and exposed them to Udon.
    • int VideoWidth { get; }
    • int VideoHeight { get; }
    • These are also available in the subclasses VRCUnityVideoPlayer and VRCAVProVideoPlayer.
  • Added five voice-related getter methods to VRCPlayerApi and exposed them to Udon.
    • float GetVoiceGain()
    • float GetVoiceDistanceNear()
    • float GetVoiceDistanceFar()
    • float GetVoiceVolumetricRadius()
    • bool GetVoiceLowpass()


  • Worlds with vastly more renderers than materials will now build faster.
  • Fixed a performance bottleneck when validating avatars after a local test build, especially when multiple avatars are present in the scene.
  • Fixed some issues where the Network ID Utility could get confused about duplicate GameObject paths.
    • Note that it still is not recommended or fully supported to have networked objects share the same hierarchy paths!
  • Fixed a missing reference error locking up the build panel if an audio clip was deleted or missing from an VRC_AnimatorPlayAudio state behaviour on the avatar.

Changes between 3.6.1-beta.2 and final release

  • Udon can now access the three new TextMeshPro components directly.
    • Only the properties listed in VRChat's documentation have been exposed.
    • The previously new VRC_TMP wrapper components have been removed.
  • ClientSim: Udon behaviours instantiated via other Udon scripts will now initialize right away and have variables and functions ready.

Known Issues

  • The first time you open a Scene and select a GameObject inside a prefab with a U# Behaviour, the GUI for the component directly below that U# Behaviour will not show its GUI. Deselecting and re-selecting the prefab fixes this.
  • Buffer Particles don't work as they did in Unity 2019, there is a workaround to fix them from community member hfcRed here.
  • Unity 2022 sometimes causes Rider's debugger to stop for unhandled exceptions in Unity's IMGUI.

Momo the Monster


This release overhauls the World SDK UI, exposes new Udon functions, and fixes some issues across the SDK and ClientSim.

Supercedes release 3.5.3, which was available for beta testing but was not launched officially.

Momo the Monster


This release reworks the main user interface for the VRChat SDK (the 'Build panel'). It includes a new UI, quality-of-life improvements, and easier ways to build and update your content.

This update also adds support for the new 'Maximum capacity' and 'Recommended capacity' settings for worlds. You can learn more about these settings in our documentation.