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Release 3.1.9

Momo the Monster


Major Updates to Udon Graph Usability.

Udon Graph Updates

  • Udon Node Graph: Added lots of hotkeys!
    • Press and hold one of the following keys, then click anywhere on the graph to create the corresponding node:
      • 1 : float
      • 2 : Vector2
      • 3 : Vector3
      • 4 : Vector4
      • b : Branch
      • + : float addition
      • - : float subtraction
      • = : float equality comparison
      • Shift+B : Block
    • Press and hold C, then click on a constant to convert it into a variable
      • You can also do this by right-clicking the constant
    • Ctrl+G for quick grouping
    • L+Click logs the value of the selected node
    • Shift+A for aligning nodes
    • Press and hold Shift+F, then click on a node that outputs an array type, to generate a ForEach loop automatically
    • Most of the above are also available via the right-click menu
  • Added a new topbar that shows the currently open graph and opens new "tabs" to it when you open more graphs
    • You can close each tab with the X button
  • Events/Groups entries are clickable in the sidebar for fast navigation
  • Added search bar at the top which allows you to search through your active graph
    • Press Ctrl+F to move focus to the searc hbar
    • Search activates after entering at least 3 letters
    • Pressing Enter while having multiple search results will jump between them
  • There is a new "Highlight flow" toggle on the topbar, which, when enabled, will highlight the nodes connected via the flow edges
    • Use this to quickly see how the program arrives at the particular node
    • If the node doesn't have any flow connections - nothing will happen


  • Changes video link in UdonSyncPlayer example to point to new location