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Release 3.1.8

Momo the Monster


Adds New Shader GLobals and VRCGraphics Methods


Added 3 shader globals that can be accessed by any avatar or world shader:

  • float _VRChatCameraMode:

    • 0 - Rendering normally
    • 1 - Rendering in VR handheld camera
    • 2 - Rendering in Desktop handheld camera
    • 3 - Rendering for a screenshot
  • float _VRChatMirrorMode:

    • 0 - Rendering normally, not in a mirror
    • 1 - Rendering in a mirror viewed in VR
    • 2 - Rendering in a mirror viewed in desktop mode
  • float3 _VRChatMirrorCameraPos - World space position of mirror camera (eye independent, "centered" in VR)

  • World InputFields will now open the keyboard modal when interacted with. If this behavior is not desired, add the newly created VRCInputFieldKeyboardOverride component to specify how to override this behavior. Setting its setting to Default will open the touch modal while Override will not.

  • New option cameraClearFlags on VRCMirrorReflection that overrides the camera clear flags used in the mirror

    • The default is MirrorClearFlags.FromReferenceCamera which retains the current behaviour of rendering the same as the active camera
  • Options customSkybox and customClearColor allow mirror-specific skyboxes and clear colors

  • You can now set gravity in a world to 0 or negative values

  • Fixed: user-supplied masks on the FX layer were ignored, and prevented Gesture transform animations from working. Docs updated.

  • Added several new Udon nodes related to graphics and shader manipulation:

    • VRCGraphics.DrawMeshInstanced
    • VRCShader.SetGlobalFloat
    • VRCShader.SetGlobalFloatArray
    • VRCShader.SetGlobalVector
    • VRCShader.SetGlobalVectorArray
    • VRCShader.SetGlobalMatrix
    • VRCShader.SetGlobalMatrixArray
    • VRCShader.SetGlobalInteger
    • VRCShader.SetGlobalTexture
    • VRCShader.SetGlobalColor
  • VRCShader functions accept string input in some cases (for texture names, mostly). You must use the _Udon prefix for these inputs

    • There is one exception. VRCShader functions will also accept the exact string _AudioTexture to accommodate for the existing widespread community-created AudioLink system