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Release 3.2.1

Momo the Monster


Small fixes for Midi, PhysBones, and Udon's interaction with Blocked Users and Stations. Updates Newtonsoft Dependency to 3.0.2.

Requires Resolver 0.1.20!

This version of the SDK updates the Newtonsoft package used by the Base SDK as well as the Resolver. You may see warnings or errors about conflicting package versions for Newtonsoft.Json until you update the resolver with the Creator Companion.


  • A few MIDI input timing fixes, including improved note processing, more consistent looping, and fixed Note On events with a velocity of '0' turning into Note Off events, which broke MIDI file parsing.
  • Scaling PhysBones to zero or very small values and back no longer breaks behavior
  • Fixed VRCPhysBone position unable to be animated when very tiny
  • Blocked users will sync their position and motion state again for querying in local Udon scripts
  • Udon can now be used to eject players from "standing" stations, with or without station exit disabled