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Release 3.5.3 Beta

Momo the Monster


This release overhauls the World SDK UI, exposes new Udon functions, and fixes some issues across the SDK and ClientSim.

Superceded by version 3.6.0. Version 3.5.3 entered beta testing but was not launched officially.

New features

  • Big updates to the Worlds SDK for creators! This is a major update with a lot of additions including:
    • A rewrite of all almost all custom inspectors in the World's SDK.
    • Updated HelpURLs (the question mark on a component) to actually taking you to the VRC docs (gasp).
    • Properly added almost 20 components to the Add Component -> VRChat section.
    • The Two-Factor Authentication field in the SDK automatically submits once you enter six digits, instead of requiring you to press the Verify button.
  • World creators now have the ability to modify the value of UnityEngine.Physics.bounceThreshold via Udon. Addresses this Canny request.
    • This allows world creators to have better control over when objects should or shouldn't bounce, which can be important for physics-based worlds.


  • Layers 3, 6, and 7 are now reserved layers for VRChat. Previously, these were internally reserved by Unity and were freed up in Unity 2022.
    • VRChat now reserves them for internal use moving forward and will move any objects in this layer to the default layer. Reflected here in our creator docs.


  • Fixed the broken Standard Lite shader Emission feature.
  • Fixed an error about failing to assign network IDs when trying to upload the default VRC world scene right after initialization.
  • Fixed Unity warning when using the sample dynamic Robot Avatar from the VRChat Avatars SDK.
  • Exposed missing string methods to Udon. Addresses this Canny request.
    • Certain variants of Trim, TrimStart, TrimEnd, and others were previously available in Unity 2019 but caused compilation issues in Unity 2022. This fixes those regressions.


  • Fixed joystick drift issues by adding input axis deadzones. Addresses this GitHub issue.
  • Updated ClientSim to use IETF language codes instead of full language names to more accurately simulate VRChat's behavior.

Public API Changes

  • SDK methods from ShaderValidation have been moved into the ValidationUtils class.
  • Method signatures from ValidationUtils have been modified. Anyone using these methods may need to update their code!

Known Issues

  • The first time you open a Scene and select a GameObject inside a prefab with a U# Behaviour, the GUI for the component directly below that U# Behaviour will not show its GUI. Deselecting and re-selecting the prefab fixes this.
  • Buffer Particles don't work as they did in Unity 2019, there is a workaround to fix them from community member hfcRed here.
  • The Editor may crash when updating a shader graph reference by another shader using UsePass. This is an issue with Unity 2022.3.6f1 and is fixed in 2022.3.14f1.
  • Unity 2022 sometimes causes Rider's debugger to stop for unhandled exceptions in Unity's IMGUI.