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Scene Components

Every Unity scene you'd like to bring into VRChat requires a VRC_SceneDescriptor component. The VRChat Worlds SDK contains various other components to allow your users to interact with your world, pick up objects, see themselves in a mirror, and more.

Please consult Allowlisted World Components for a full list of components available in the VRChat SDK.

VRC_AvatarPedestalUsed to display and / or switch to an avatar.
VRC_MirrorReflectionUsed to create a mirror in VRChat.
VRC_ObjectSyncSyncs the transform of a GameObject with all players in the instance.
VRC_PickupAllows objects to be picked up, held and used by players.
VRC_PortalMarkerCreates portals to other VRChat worlds.
VRC_SceneDescriptorDescribes your VRChat world. Required for every Unity scene you'd like to use as a VRChat world.
VRC_SpatialAudioSourceAdds 3D spatialization to a Unity AudioSource. Usually automatically added with AudioSource components in editor.
VRC_StationAllow users to sit down.
VRC_UIShapeAllow users to interact with Unity's UI system.