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What is Udon?

VRChat Udon is a programming language built completely in-house by the VRChat Development Team. It is designed to be secure, performant, and easy to use via the VRChat Udon Node Graph, a built-in visual programming interface that uses nodes and wires (we call them “noodles”) to connect flow, inputs, and outputs. You can build complex behaviors with Udon-- far more complex and easier to understand than unwieldy chains of Triggers and Actions.

Not only can you replicate the full behavior of Triggers and Actions with VRChat Udon, but you can create your own behaviors, sync variables with others, interact with scenes, interact with players, and more.

In addition, Udon runs in both the VRChat client and the Unity Editor, allowing you to test and debug your creations with ease.

For the more technically inclined: VRChat Udon is a VM running bytecode compiled from Udon Assembly. You can generate Udon Assembly using the built-in VRChat Udon Node Graph UI, writing your own Udon Assembly, or even by writing your own compiler to generate Udon Assembly or bytecode programs directly.

Current Udon Status

Udon is our current main-line standard system for World Creation!

You can use the Udon Node Graph to create Udon programs with a graphical interface. This is a lot like Unity animators, Blender shaders or geometry nodes, Unreal blueprints, and many other similar methods. It's a great starting point-- but also, some people just prefer nodes over code!

Of course, if you do prefer code, you can always write Udon using UdonSharp! UdonSharp is a way to write Udon in a way very similar to C#. If you're already familiar with programming, U# might be the easiest way forward for you!

How to use Udon

Check out Getting Started with Udon !

If you like Tutorial Videos, you can check out our Learning Udon Playlist on YouTube, which goes over all the steps to get you up and running.

If you'd rather read the steps directly, then read our Getting Started with Udon page.

Bug Reports and Feature Requests

We use Canny across all of VRChat to receive reports of bugs and feature requests. For Udon specifically, use these links: