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Release 3.5.2

Momo the Monster


This release brings new functionality for avatar creators and various fixes.

New features

  • Added the VRCHeadChop component to the avatars SDK.
    • This component allows avatar authors to control which parts of their avatar are hidden from the perspective of the user wearing it.
  • Added the AnimatorPlayAudio state behaviour to the avatars SDK.
    • This allows you to modify an AudioSource when transitioning to an animation state.
    • It can change the audio clip, volume, pitch, or loop. It can also play or stop the AudioSource automatically.
  • Added new OnInputMethodChanged Event to Udon, which is triggered whenever the user switches Input Methods, from a Keyboard to a Game Controller, or a Game Controller to a Touchscreen, for example.


  • The worlds SDK will now suggest replacing Unity's default UI shader with a super-sampled shader where appropriate.
    • This can help improve the readability of text elements when viewed in VR.
    • TextMeshPro components are not affected by this change. Their readability is very high without supersampling.
  • Added Byte and Bit operations to Udon.
    • Exposed System.BitConverter, System.Buffer, and System.Text.Encoding to Udon.
    • Added DataToken.BitCast method.
  • Added ResultBytes field to string downloader event to allow raw data downloads.
  • The avatars SDK now warns against using mixed Write Defaults settings across avatar animators.


  • If an Udon script uses [RequireComponent], the SDK will now silence some harmless errors while building.
  • Updated UnityEngine.Timeline package version & added to base SDK package dependencies.
  • Changed "Polygons" to "Triangles" in SDK avatar performance stats for a more accurate description of recommended limits.
  • Fixed issues with InputUse Udon events firing constantly when using VRChat Mobile. They should now only fire when a genuine tap is done, not while swiping or long-pressing.


Known Issues

  • The first time you open a Scene and select a GameObject inside a prefab with a U# Behaviour, the GUI for the component directly below that U# Behaviour will not show its GUI. Deselecting and re-selecting the prefab fixes this.
  • Buffer Particles don't work as they did in Unity 2019, there is a workaround to fix them from community member hfcRed here.
  • The Editor may crash when updating a shader graph reference by another shader using UsePass. This is an issue with Unity 2022.3.6f1 and is fixed in 2022.3.14f1.
  • Unity 2022 sometimes causes Rider's debugger to stop for unhandled exceptions in Unity's IMGUI.