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Image Loading

Image Loading allows you to display images from the internet in your VRChat world. When a user visits your world, the image can be downloaded from the internet and used as a texture in your materials. Here are a few examples on how Image Loading can be used:

  • Updating textures in your world without a re-upload.
  • Creating a poster in your world and updating it for seasonal events or parties.
  • Reusing the same texture in multiple worlds and updating them all at once.

The SDK includes an easy-to-use ImageDownload script, or you can make your own script with the new VRCImageDownloader object.


You can view our Image Loader example to get started quickly.

Before You Begin

There are a few Image Loader limits and parameters you should know:

  • The maximum resolution is 2048 × 2048 pixels. Attempting to download larger images will result in an error.
  • One image can be downloaded every five seconds.
    • If this limit is exceeded, images downloads are queued and downloaded in a random order.
    • This limit applies to your entire scene, regardless of the amount of VRCImageDownload components used.
  • The URL must point directly at an image file. URL redirection is not allowed and will result in an error.
  • Downloaded images are automatically interpreted as RGBA, RGB, or RG images.
    • For example, a grayscale image with an alpha channel is interpreted as an RG image.
  • There is a limit of 1000 elements in the queue.
  • Both the Input and Output buffers are limited to a maximum of 32MB, images exceeding these will result in an error.

And only certain domains are allowed. If a domain is not on the list, images will not download unless Allow Untrusted URLs has been enabled in the user's settings.

  • Discord (
  • Dropbox (
  • GitHub (*
  • ImageBam (
  • ImgBB (
  • imgbox (
  • Imgur (
  • Postimages (
  • Reddit (
  • Twitter (
  • VRChat (

UdonGraph Nodes


Use VRCImageDownloader's constructor to create an image downloader, which can download image from the internet during runtime.


Downloads an image, and calls an event indicating success or failure (see 'Events' below).
Returns an IVRCImageDownload, which can be used to track the progress of the download.

  • Instance: The ImageDownloader component to download the image with.
  • Url : The VRCURL of the texture to download.
  • Material (optional): The Material to automatically apply the downloaded image to, as a main texture.
  • UdonBehavior (optional): The Udonbehavior to send VRCImageDownloader events to. If udonBehavior is empty, the current UdonBehaviour will receive all events.
    • Note that UdonSharp will not receive any events unless udonBehavior is specified.
  • TextureInfo (optional): The TextureInfo object containing settings for the newly created texture.


Cleans up the VRCImageDownloader. Frees up downloaded textures from memory. Calling Dispose invalidates the VRCImageDownloader object, and a new one must be instantiated to download images.

Note on disposal and garbage collection:

  • Calling Dispose will invalidate the VRCImageDownloader, the associated IVRCImageDownload, and the downloaded texture.
    • After calling Dispose, the VRCImageDownloadState State of IVRCImageDownload will change to Unloaded until it is garbage collected.
  • VRCImageDownloader keeps textures in memory until the underlying Texture2D is destroyed or disposed using its Dispose function.
  • Make sure to save the reference to your VRCImageDownloader as a variable to prevent it (and any downloaded texture) from randomly being garbage collected.


Contains settings to apply to a downloaded texture.

  • GenerateMipmaps: Enables Mipmap generation. (Default: false)
  • FilterMode: Sets the FilterMode of the texture. (Default: Bilinear)
  • WrapModeU: The TextureWrapMode along the U (horizontal) axis (Default: Repeat)
  • WrapModeV: The TextureWrapMode along the V (vertical) axis (Default: Repeat)
  • WrapModeW: The TextureWrapMode along the W (depth, only relevant for Texture3D) axis. (Default: Repeat)
  • AnisoLevel: The anisoLevel of the texture. A value of 0 disables filtering, 16 equals full filtering. (Default: 9)
    • VRChat uses forced anisotropic filtering. When the anisoLevel value is between 1 and 9, Unity sets the anisoLevel to 9. If the value is higher than 9, Unity clamps it between 9 and 16.
  • MaterialProperty: Overrides which MaterialProperty to apply the downloaded texture to, if a material was specified in DownloadImage. (Default: _MainTex)


Contains information about the downloaded image. Returned by VRCImageDownloader's DownloadImage function, by OnImageLoadSuccess, and by OnImageLoadError.
Note that many of these fields will be invalid until the download has completed or failed.

  • Get Error: Gets the VRCImageDownloadError associated with the event.
  • Get Errormessage: Gets the error message as a string.
  • Get Material: Gets the Material sent into the DownloadImage function.
  • Get Progress:Gets the progress of the image download as afloat` between 0 and 1. Use this to track the progress of the download, i. e. for custom loading bars.
  • Get Result: The Texture2d of the downloaded image.
  • Get SizeInMemoryBytes: Gets the size of the texture in bytes as an int.
  • Get State: Gets the VRCImageDownloadState indicating the state of the image download.
  • Get TextureInfo: The texture info given to the DownloadImage function (TextureInfo).
  • Get Udonbehavior: Gets the given udonbehavior the events of the download image are being sent to (UdonBehavior).
  • Get URL: Gets the VRCURL of the image download.


Indicates the state of the image download in IVRCImageDownload:

  • Pending: Not been started or still in progress.
  • Error: Download failed an error (see VRCImageDownloadError).
  • Complete: Download complete, texture is ready to use.
  • Unloaded: Pending garbage collection after Dispose has been called on IVRCImageDownload.
  • Unknown: Unknown state.


When an image download fails, OnImageLoadError is called. IVRCImageDownload's Error field will contain one of the following error states:

  • InvalidURL: The download URL used in DownloadImage is invalid.
  • AccessDenied: Access to the URL was denied.
  • InvalidImage: The downloaded image is invalid.
  • DownloadError: A web request error occured.
  • Unknown: Unknown error state.


  • OnImageLoadSuccess: Returns IVRCImageDownload. Called when a VRCImageDownloader has successfully download an image.
  • OnImageLoadError: Returns IVRCImageDownload. Called when a VRCImageDownloader has failed to download an image.