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String Loading allows you to download text files from the internet and use them in your VRChat world. You can either use the DownloadString script included in the SDK, or you can make your own script using the new VRCStringDownloader.LoadUrl function.

  • Your text files can be in any format, such as .txt or .json.
  • One string can be downloaded every five seconds. If this limit is exceeded, string downloads are queued and downloaded in a random order.
  • One string can only be of a maximum of 100MB
  • You can only have 1000 elements in the queue

Trusted URLs

If a site is not on the list, it will not download unless ‘Allow Untrusted URLs’ has been enabled in the user’s settings.

The following URLs are available:

  • GitHub (*
  • Pastebin (
  • Github Gist (


Using the DownloadString script to download a string

The SDK includes a script to download strings easily:

  1. Create a new GameObject in your scene.
  2. Add an UdonBehaviour component.
  3. Select DownloadString as the program source.
  4. Enter the URL and select the text component where you'd like to display the downloaded text.

Create your own script for LoadUrl

You can use the function VRCStringDownloader.LoadUrl to download Strings in your own graphs.

  1. Execute VRCStringDownloader.LoadUrl with a URL and specify an UdonBehaviour.
  2. Wait for the OnStringLoadSuccess or OnStringLoadError event to be called on the specified UdonBehaviour.
  3. Use the event's IVRCStringDownload to get the Result of the string download.

New UdonGraph Nodes

New events


Returns IVRCStringDownload. Called when the function LoadUrl has successfully downloaded the string from the internet.


Returns IVRCStringDownload. Called when the function LoadUrl has failed to download the string.

New types


Use this static class to download strings from the web.


  • Url: the URL to load from the internet.
  • UdonBehaviour: the UdonBehaviour to send the events to.
    • In Udon Graph, this defaults to the current UdonBehaviour
    • In Udon Sharp, you can use (IUdonEventReceiver)this


Result from the string load events.

  • Get Error (string): The error message for OnStringLoadError.
  • Get ErrorCode (int): The HTTP Error code for OnStringLoadError.
  • Get ResultBytes (byte[]): The raw data that was downloaded as a byte array. You can use System.Text.Encoding on this to decode a string in a custom format. Accessing this property will return a copy of the data.
  • Get Result (string): The string that was downloaded, decoded via the UTF8 standard.
  • Get UdonBehaviour (UdonBehaviour): The UdonBehaviour to which events are sent.
  • Get Url (VRCUrl): Gets the URL from which the download was attempted.

Example Code

String Download Example, Custom Text Encoding
using System.Text;
using UdonSharp;
using UnityEngine;
using VRC.SDK3.StringLoading;
using VRC.SDKBase;
using VRC.Udon.Common.Interfaces;

public class ResultBytesExample : UdonSharpBehaviour
private VRCUrl url;

void Start()
VRCStringDownloader.LoadUrl(url, (IUdonEventReceiver)this);

public override void OnStringLoadSuccess(IVRCStringDownload result)
string resultAsUTF8 = result.Result;
byte[] resultAsBytes = result.ResultBytes;
string resultAsASCII = Encoding.ASCII.GetString(resultAsBytes);
Debug.Log($"UTF8: {resultAsUTF8}");
Debug.Log($"ASCII: {resultAsASCII}");

public override void OnStringLoadError(IVRCStringDownload result)
Debug.LogError($"Error loading string: {result.ErrorCode} - {result.Error}");