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Getting Started


This information is only relevant to sellers with access to VRChat's Creator Economy SDK.
If you are interested in setting up a store in VRChat, please apply as a seller.

Before you can begin selling or earning in VRChat, you’ll also need to complete a few easy steps with our payment partner, Tilia. Tilia helps comply with local laws and prevent fraud so you can have a safe selling experience.

Seller Onboarding

To start seller onboarding, you'll need to supply Tilia with some personal information (Personal Identifying Information, or PII):

  1. Go to the Marketplace tab in the left-hand sidebar and click Storefront.


  1. If you have not purchased VRChat Plus at least once in the past, you will be asked to do that now.

VRChat Plus Requirement

  1. Click on Review Tilia's Terms of Service.

Review Tilia TOS

  1. Make sure to check "I agree" after reading Tilia's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Then, go ahead and verify your information by filling out the following section.

Tilia Page

  1. Once done, the Storefront page will now show that you are Authorized to sell in VRChat! Any credits earned from now on will be eligable for Payout.

Now Authorized