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Content Guidelines


This information is only relevant to sellers with access to VRChat's Creator Economy SDK.
If you are interested in setting up a store in VRChat, please apply as a seller.

Creators who sell content through VRChat's Creator Economy must adhere to the following rules and guidelines.

Please note that the Creator Economy is a growing and evolving system. These rules are subject to change as VRChat continues to explore new implementations and use cases.



  1. All content must abide by VRChat's Community Guidelines, Creator Guidelines, and Terms of Service.

  2. Clearly define what the user is purchasing.

    1. Both Listings and the Products they contain should be clearly labeled with detailed descriptions.
    2. Content should avoid engaging in Dark Patterns (or Deceptive Design Patterns) such as misdirection, bait-and-switching, and others.
    3. Content must avoid false advertising and not misrepresent the content or prices of listings.
  3. If feature parity exists, the Creator Economy should be used in addition to any off-platform monetization methods.

    1. For example, if perks or benefits for a VRChat world are sold through an off-platform subscription service, then those perks should also, when possible, be available for purchase in the Creator Economy.
    2. Don't price your external offering to drive VRChat users off-platform.
    3. If you cannot replicate the same external monetization offering inside VRChat, these rules may not apply to you. Feel free to explore the Creator Economy's current offerings. If VRChat does not currently support your monetization method, try your best, and make a feature request.
  4. Don't use VRChat's Creator Economy systems as a marketing tool for your external monetization offerings.

    1. For example, don't prompt your customers to refund their purchase and use a different payment method instead.
  5. Worlds cannot use VRChat Credits as a method of fundraising.

    1. Fundraiser payment methods must be hosted outside of the VRChat platform.
    2. It is allowed to ask for donations for external fundraisers that are not funded through the Creator Economy.
    3. You are permitted to ask for donations through your supporters, though donations towards fundraisers and charity organizations are often taxed differently between countries, and should be managed only with fiat currencies.
  6. Listing costs should always be displayed in "VRChat Credits" or with Credit icon or "\V". Many users will be in different countries using different currencies, so use "VRChat Credits" to correctly convey the cost of your products to your buyers.


  1. Worlds cannot promote lotteries, raffles, or other "games of chance" involving real currency.

    1. Any systems integrating with real-world currency in methods of gambling, casino-style events, or with real-world benefits are strictly forbidden.
    2. "Arcade-like" uses, where VRChat Credit payments are tied to (even when randomized) rewards in a VRChat world, are permitted.
  2. You cannot give a user a strictly negative experience in your world without having made a purchase.

    1. For example, don't drop users into a hole if they haven't paid. All users should have a comfortable experience when entering your world.


Breaches of these guidelines, depending on severity, may result in the following actions being taken against the offending seller's account:

  • Groups and Creator Economy content being temporarily or permanently removed from your account.
  • The ability to sell content via the Creator Economy being temporarily or permanently revoked from your account.
  • User account being temporarily or permanently banned.