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This project was created for our second World Jam, and serves as a fun starter kit for a Time Trial game world!

Visit the example world here: VRChat Obstacle Course Jam World. Download a ready-to-use project here: VRChat Obstacle Course Project. For advanced users, you can fork the GitHub project to easily stay up-to-date with any updates or fixes.

It's built to be usable by creators with little-to-no Udon experience, you can just snap together a new course using the existing models, or creating / importing your own.

To explore the scene, simply download the latest version, and Build & Test the 'Assets/_WorldJam2/Scenes/DemoScene' scene.

Quick Start

Here are some easy things you can modify to get started:

Move & Jump

Open the Toolkit window from your menu bar by finding the "▶ Obstacle Course Toolkit" item and selecting "Open Window" from its dropdown. Open the "Power Ups" section and you can change the default Move and Jump powers for the world. index-40a0a08-utility-change-defaults.png

Number of Players

If you want to increase the number of players that can run through the course, just open the "Player Manager" section of the Utility Window and increase the number here. Make sure you change the number of players your world can handle when you publish your world to be half of this number! index-985e270-number-of-players.png

PowerUp Properties

Back in the "Power Ups" section of the Utility Window, open the "PowerUps in Scene" section. Click on the name of a PowerUp and the Scene View will focus on it so you can see which one it is. Then you can change the speed, jump and/or duration fields to update the variables on that PowerUp. index-f5481d9-powerups-in-scene.png